Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success – Course Overview

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success:
Powerful Strategies For Building A High-Profit Business

Each step of the entrepreneurial life cycle, from start-up phase to harvest, is succinctly detailed in our course, providing you with the key steps that are vital to your success. Colorful stories bring the strategies and important business concepts to life, helping you internalize key learning points and quickly implement these key points into action.

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Introduction – Creating Your Start-Up Strategy
Learning Objectives
– We discuss how entrepreneurship has changed since the global economic crisis
– We describe entrepreneurial management practices
– We introduce the entrepreneurial lifecycle
– We define the types of entrepreneurs
– We explain what motivates entrepreneurs
– We introduce distinct entrepreneurial risks and discuss how to manage them
– We discuss the business plan, its importance and uses
– We review the business planning process and the writing of the business plan

New Business Venture Opportunity and Analysis
Learning Objectives
– We discuss the importance of opportunity recognition and opportunity formation
– We introduce the practice of preparing a “problem statement”
– We introduce concepts of industry dynamics and performing industry risk analysis
– We cover the importance of identifying and working with “lead-users”
– We describe how to analyze lead user insights and create a winning product

Crafting a Winning Business Strategy and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Learning Objectives
– We define strategic planning and tactical planning
– We explain the importance and benefits of strategic planning for entrepreneurs
– We define core competencies, strategic vision, and strategy intent
– We discuss the importance of creating a sustainable competitive advantage
– We introduce six competitive advantages that successful entrepreneurs use
– We cover business modeling and the elements of a successful business model
– We define intellectual property and explain how to profit from it

Starting with the Right People and Organization
Learning Objectives
– We discuss what it takes to be the lead entrepreneur
– We define venture team and cover how they get assembled and function
– We describe venture team management and cover how to lead in tough times
– We review legal issues in new business venturing, corporate structuring, and financing
– We cover how to build a board of advisors, board of directors, and work with consultants

Gathering and Allocating Critical Capital Resources
Learning Objectives
– We identify the critical capital resources entrepreneurs need to succeed
– We explain important product development issues
– We cover how to integrate business strategy with technology strategy
– We explain how to determine the start-up costs
– We discuss the importance of setting and focusing on product development milestones
– We detail how to prepare a cash budget table and allocate resources
– We identify bootstrapping strategies for covering gaps in financing needs

Creating Your Market Entry Strategy
Learning Objectives
– We explain and define the value chain concept
– We explain how to untangle the value web in your industry
– We introduce five market entry strategies that successful entrepreneurs use
– We introduce the concept of the value map
– We explain how to use your value map to find traction in changing marketplaces

Creating Your Marketing and Sales Strategies
Learning Objectives
– We explain the importance of setting marketing and sales objectives
– We introduce three types of marketing objectives
– We explain how successful entrepreneurs begin with a salesforce of one
– We introduce the catalysis sales approach and its critical elements
– We cover how to map your selling process and focus on the revenue event

Managing the Rapidly Growing Venture
Learning Objectives
– We cover how successful entrepreneurs focus on growth
– We define growth expansion strategies
– We explain the transition from entrepreneurial management to professional management
– We cover how to build organizational change capabilities
– We describe why companies run into the growth wall
– We cover how successful entrepreneurs grow around the growth wall
– We discuss how to manage in high growth environments

Creating and Managing the Networked Enterprise
Learning Objectives
– We define networked enterprise, and how entrepreneurs are using the Internet today
– We introduce the concept of creating a womb-to-tomb service and support strategy
– We cover the benefits of a networked enterprise and getting customer lock-on
– We provide examples how companies manage their networked enterprise
– We identify how to develop and manage your network

Financing the Emerging Growth Venture
Learning Objectives
– We define financing strategy and explain its importance in successful venture building
– We discuss the importance of putting together the right financials
– We cover valuation methods and practices used by venture capitalists and angel investors
– We discuss factors that affect capital structuring of a new business venture
– We explain what makes a great venture capitalist and how to value what they bring
– We cover alternative sources of funding available to entrepreneurs

Creating Your Exit Strategy and Exit Goals
Learning Objectives
– We define exit strategy and identify types of exit strategies
– We discuss recent initial public offerings and cover venture-backed IPOs
– We discuss mergers and acquisitions and cover venture-backed deals
– We provide a briefing on getting acquired, and how to get on the radar of potential acquirers
– We explain the importance of setting exit goals and provide examples that trigger an exit

Discussions of Risk Capital
Learning Objectives
– We discuss the evolution of the risk capital industry from France to Silicon Valley
– We explain the economic impact of venture capitalists and their investments in America
– We define venture capital, venture capitalists, and angel investors
– We explore how the venture capital industry functions
– We define the stages in the “food-chain” which is from seed-stage financing to acquisition financing
– We cover the types of securities venture capitalists use and review their selection process
– We discuss recent venture capital and angel investments

Putting It All Together and Getting Financed
Learning Objectives
– We review the venture drill process: packaging, placing and presenting your deal
– We introduce the quiver of arrows and how to effectively communicate your deal to investors
– We detail how business plans get placed and how to place yours with the best investors
– We discuss how to present before investors and what to expect at the first meeting
– We explain how to negotiate with investors and how to manage the deal process
– We describe sand traps, land mines and deal killers
– We explain the importance of delivering the value your promised beyond the closing

Four Cornerstones to Success
– Commitment to the Opportunity
– Strategic Leadership
– Organizational Capability
– Persistence

Toolkit For Your Journey
– Business Plan Outline
– PowerPoint Presentation Outline
Checklist for Supporting Documents
How to Prepare Your Financials
Standard Term Sheet
How To Structure An Advisory Board